Online Applications !

This section of the Forces AVENIR website is designed to allow online registration for university students who want to submit their application to Forces AVENIR. The online registration should facilitate the submission and processing of applications submitted. Having the option to save the file while completing it, students can go back, add information or make modifications as often as they wish until the file is transmitted.

Identification - For students

Students wishing to open a file for the first time:

  • Click on Create an account.
  • Choose a personal password that will then be used to access the file. There are no restrictions on the choice of password.

Students wishing to continue filling out a form:

  • Click on View my profile.
  • Enter the user name and password chosen when registering online.

Online application -college program.pdf
Online application -University program.pdf


Identification For Forces AVENIR respondents

The role of Forces AVENIR respondants is to study and approve the applications of their university students that were received during the registration period.

To do so, received applications should be compared with the eligibility requirements established by Forces AVENIR in order to determine which applicants can be selected. This selection can be made by filling the Attestation of eligibility and then clicking on Consult the profiles.




Identification for jurists